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Pilot, refine & scale programs that get affordable produce to under-served consumers



Doubling SNAP

Unlocking consumer demand for fresh produce nationwide.


Produce Prescriptions

Empowering doctors to write prescriptions for fruits & vegetables.


We're here to help.

Tools & Best Practices

From toolkits to webinars, new technology to data support, Wholesome Wave offers the tools, tricks, tips, and training to accelerate program success and build efficiency.



From launching a program to enhancing an existing one, Wholesome Wave brings innovative solutions, expert advisors, and high-level capacity to the table, equipping member organizations for change-making success.


Network Building

We facilitate a nationwide network of organizations that double SNAP and prescribe produce. The network brings together hundreds of members, offering the expertise and resources that ensures collective impact.


What do people say about your programs?

Alin Son, a shopper at the Spotsylvania Farmers Market in Virginia said: "As a SNAP recipient, I truly value the incentive program as it allows me to buy fresh, healthy foods with my SNAP card, and get extra funds for fruits and vegetables. I care for my elderly father and this program helps my family have access to healthy foods despite our financial limitations." 

When people qualify for SNAP, how much do they receive?

In 2016, SNAP shoppers received an average $125 per person—less than $5 per day.

What foods can people buy through this program?

SNAP can only be spent on food, or on plants or seeds that grow food for your household to eat. (It cannot be used to purchase hot foods, fast food, household supplies, alcohol or tobacco, or anything else.) We double the value of SNAP with matching funds that can only be spent on fruits and vegetables. So if someone spends $10 in SNAP (perhaps on pasta or eggs or peanut butter), we provide $10 in coupons that can only be spent on produce.

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