News Article 1: Our work is more relevant than ever


"Our work is more relevant than ever" – CEO Michel Nischan looks ahead to the Trump Administration

January 17, 2017
Michel Nischan

After the wild ride of following election returns in Oahu, I found myself up at 3:30 Hawaii time and feeling compelled about the opportunities ahead. In reflecting on our mission, the fact is this: our work is more relevant than ever.

The successes we’ve achieved over the last decade were achieved with enthusiastic support from both sides of the aisle. We’ve built our work under two presidents to date: one Republican and one Democratic. Much of what we do resonates soundly with leaders in both houses of our government, and does so with solid bi-partisan appeal. The economic potential realized through unlocking affordability for better food choices has consistently proven to be a concept that all Americans can get behind.

With the right of choice being a bedrock conservative value, unlocking affordability for the millions of Americans struggling with poverty demonstrates a powerful pathway to maintain self-reliance, even when the chips are down. Using local and regional food commerce to reverse staggering diet-related disease – and trigger half a trillion in healthcare savings – is pretty irresistible. As we look toward 2017 and beyond, we will remain focused on scaling in a manner that will see us reach past serving thousands of consumers struggling with poverty, to serving millions.

As farmers markets will continue to flourish, so will our work in that sector. Farms are classic American small businesses, and they thrive in the environment that nutrition incentives have created. As we ramp-up our work with the grocery sector, we will see the promise of even more diverse and politically relevant voices joining our call to make affordability an everyday reality for those who need it most. And nothing will serve our economy better than slashing diet-related diseases and their crippling costs.

This is great news on all sides of the political aisle. Because our work was founded on a market-based, consumer-driven approach, it will remain not only relevant, but essential in creating a stronger nation through lasting and sustainable change.

I am eager to share the great news of our work with the new public service teams coming on board in the new administration, as well as continue our strong friendships and working relationships with those in the various governmental agencies who remain ardent fans of Wholesome Wave.

Michel Nischan

Founder & CEO